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Tuesday, 08 August 2006

Frozen Dead Dog
And in today's news: "Woman Finds Frozen Dog In Her Refrigerator". OK, can't really pass up reading this one. Of course, I'm left wondering how many live frozen dogs are out there.

Another news item indicates that there may be hope for the human race yet: "You Know Anyone Who Needs An 'Anti-Stupid' Pill?" If this works, quickly enough ... well it'll never be quickly enough to prevent a lot of us from a life of despair at the "Stupid Ether" in which we humans live.

I hope they're ready: "Bengals Fans Can Call 'Jerk' Hotline". From the article:

Cincinnati Bengals fans annoyed by bad behavior in the stands can now report it by cell phone. The hot line number should be easy to remember --- (513) 381-JERK. ... Fans using too much foul language will get a warning from stadium security ... could be ejected and have their season tickets and personal seat licenses taken away.
I sure hope they've laid on enough telephone equipment and lines to handle that load.

And just to reinforce the "Stupidity Factor", we have "Cops Gripe About Wacky 911 Calls". My favorite quotation from the story is "It's hard to remember the standouts because there's so many stupid things we get."


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